About Me

Background:Hi, I'm Jodi. Let's see... what do you need to know...30 something - Mother of two boys (I am up to my eyeballs in a housefull of testosterone).  I am an accountant by day, but I seem to find things to fill every single moment of time through volunteering and writing.

In September 2007, I changed jobs.  The new job was located downtown, where parking is not only a remarkable pain in the butt, it's also very expensive.  So I decided I would take the bus instead.

Fast forward to 2014, I have taken the bus (give or take) over 3,000 as of  April 2014.  That's a lot of bus rides.

Transit should be a mandatory activity for anyone studying Human Behavior.I have seen the strangest, most bizarre, hilarious things while riding the bus.

I would generally post my daily bus musing to my Facebook status.  A recent bus experience where a girl was kissing the glass to say good bye to her boyfriend was so ridiculous, so disgusting and yet so hilarious, that one of my friends suggested that I keep all my bus musings in one place.

A quick google search revealed that this is by no means an original idea.  However, I am still going to go ahead with Jodi's Journey.

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