Virtual bus Ride

Coffee blot

Running for the bus and the lid comes off my coffee leaving behind a latte inspired Rorschach blot on my shirt. #Awesome #bustales

Invisible divide

Carrying 3 bags to work and trying to keep everything on my side of the seat. #thestruggleisreal #bustales

100% steam room

Well I will take solace in the fact that everyone's hair looks like a dogs breakfast this morning. #notalone #humidasheck

Fear and Loathing

Waggle dance

Love it when a bee flies up my skirt while standing at the bus and then dancing around like a deranged lunatic trying to get it out...All the while standing next to people who did not see the bee, but became acquainted with the deranged lunatic.

Sunny with a chance of sweating

It's stupid early and hot as balls on this bus. Add in the humidity and there is a 100% chance I'll look like Dee Snider by lunch.

Special service

Everyday this woman gets dropped off at her house. Bus stop is half a block up. Some ladies have all the luck.

Ad placement

Odd Ad placement. Every time someone open the window, the woman on the right appears to be decapitated.