I simply LOVE the glacial pace buses are running. 20 extra min to sit next to a dude that smells like sour milk. #bustales #Spectacular

Ice art

Bus shack ice art


Taking the bus to work is like relying on your hungover unemployed slacker friend to get you to work every morning. #bustales

Battery drain V02

There is no heat on this bus. Battery at 70%. Not halfway. Things are not looking good.

Battery drain

I have 92% battery life on my phone. That will hopefully last the commute to work. #bustales

Kentucky Fried Drivin'

Ok, most of the things I write about here are observations of people or things I see on the on bus.

This is slightly different, it was something I saw looking out the window of the bus into the car beside us.

A woman was eating chicken.  Not groundbreaking except she was driving.  When she needed both hands, she put the half masticated carcass on one of those grip pads for phones that people have on their dashboards.

Right up there with one of the grossest things I have seen.

Bladder buster

Skipped going pee before leaving work in order to catch the bus and then bus was late.  Totally would have had time to pee. Now I have a bladder buster of a ride home. Damn!

How bout no ?

Bus is packed and some guy won't move his bag because he's saving a seat?? Uh... How 'bout no... #bustales

Veg out

If it wasn't for the abundance of unwelcome bodily fluids & airborne viruses the veg out on the bus ride home wouldn't be so bad . 


This is unacceptable! Move your bag and let someone sit down. #bustales #BusEttiquite


After seeing someone wet themselves on a bus tonight, I wonder how often WPG Transit washes the seats. *Shudder*

Fabric Safari

Woman is wearing an outfit with Camo, leopard, zebra and sparkles. It's like the fabric version of a glam African Safari. 

Hot Flash

Knew it was too good to be true. Driver is trying to mimic the tropical climate of Cuba. It's a big rolling hot flash over here. #bustales

Pinch me

A seat all to myself on a Friday morning commute? #PinchMe #Bustales

Muggle wear

Dumbledore is at my bus stop disguised as a muggle. 

Techno overload

Chic next to me is talking via Bluetooth and texting. She then pulls out a 2nd phone to take a picture.  #GiveItARest #ThumbCramp #bustales

You don't like math do you?

Chic beside me is on the phone & trying to explain how a 70-40 split is fair. Uh...110 mean anything to you? 

Chip chomper

Woman behind me is obnoxiously chomping on chips. Sounds like she's chewing glass.  

Abject horror

Gah! Suited man is farting. Sitting here in abject horror with no where to go!

Who farts on a bus knowing that their ass is eye level with someone face?

Ass to face

The ass to face ratio is way off this morning. Kinda wish I was standing and not sitting. 


Playing a game on my phone on the bus. I stopped playing for a second as something out the window caught my eye.  Total stranger tapped me on the shoulder to point out a game move... They thought I was stumped.


I'm not saying this bus is slow. What I will say is the chic next to me has knitted an entire sock during the ride in.

Diary of a purse

Spilling your purse contents all over the floor of the bus is akin to reading your diary aloud.  

Sleepy McSleeperson

Again the sleepy dude from a few months ago is beside me! At least he's consistent!

Previous quality time with McSleeperson can be found here:


Thought she was doing her makeup & was horrified when she started eating it. Turns out it was pudding. Noted. 


Aboard the big rolling turd. Rather sedate ride home. Maybe it's the referee keeping everyone in line. 

Kudos for creativity

No lid

There is something creepy about people who bring regular (non travel) mugs full of coffee on a moving bus. It just seems so cocky that they are confident they won't spill. What is there was no seat a d you had to stand? Really? 


The only way I am going to catch a breeze is if the big rolling turd gets above 60km. #needair #bustales 


Stinking hot on this bus. Nothing to do but sit here and sweat...while trying to avoid eye contact with the dude in the tank top #bustales 


Wish my phone had a thermometer so I could document the ridiculous temperature that this bus is.



Got off the bus only to have to get right back on because I didn't know the same bus changed routes. A tad embarrassing.


Big puddle on bus floor. Please be water.

Perfect mum

You know those parents who act so perfect when everyone is watching and despite the act, you know damn well they lose their shit from time to time just like the rest of us.

Yeah. She's on this bus.

"Perfect Mom" on this bus is trying to take a picture of her son and instructed him to "smile with his eyes".  Who says stuff like that?

No trust

Apparently society cannot be trusted to leave fresh cement alone.
We need to hire handlers.

That's new

A guy on this bus just decided he needed to sit and parked it right in the middle I the aisle. That's new.

No initials

New cement poured at this bus stop. There was a guy in a patrol best just standing guard. I guess there won't be any initials in the cement in his watch!

Stand up

Kid on bus is still pitching a fit. Fighting the urge to get up and say "I have a headache!! This shit ends now!" 


I have a massive headache and a kid on this bus just decided to have a huge tantrum providing a visual representation of the pain in my head


Guy just banged on the window outside my bus and I screamed. Awesome, now I'm the bus freak today. 

Pocket watch?

Old guy beside keeps rooting around in his pockets. Rather unsettling.

Elbows out

Guy beside me is asleep and starting to lean on me. #getoffgetoffgetoff #elbowsout #bustales 

You're getting wet right???

It's pouring & this lady has elected to stand in the rain. Bus shelter beside her is empty. Wtf

Good vibrations

This bus ride feels like what I would imagine those old school vibration machines to feel.

Boom. Friday

Guy in a Mexican poncho, wearing a cowboy hat, black shoes, white socks playing a ukulele. Boom. Friday.

Nothing to see here

The fighting bus broads are now gone. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Bus broads

Two women are fighting on this bus. One has a bag on the seat and refuses to move it. Game on. Wish I had popcorn.

A True Douchbag

I can't want for someone to tell this douchebag to move his shit so that people can sit down!


Chatty Cathy

Gah!! Sitting next to a #chattycathy this morning. Morning bus rides are for zoning out people. #bustales #oddstranger

Can you have a laugh doppelgänger?

Guy on this bus has the exact same laugh as my Uncle. I've looked over at him a half dozen times just to check it isn't him #bustales #odd

Take a punch

2 teen boys in front of me. One farted, other laughed. Farter said "don't worry these seats can take a punch" #bustales #didnotjusthappen


This girls hair matches her bag! Cute! 

Days of the week underwear

Apparently this girl did not get the memo that Lululemon pants are see through. Nice days of the week underwear though #bustales


Bus is packed and the guy beside me just picked his nose. Just a brilliant ride home. 

Fashion murder

Bus patrons are killing it fashion wise. This lady has amazing heels on. No way to get a pic without completely freaking her out #bustales


I love this woman's hair. Nice highlights!!!


Child in front of me is screaming "I want more makeup!!!" while her mother looks mortified. Walking talking birth control people #bustales

Red moped

I want to be in as good of a mood as the guy on the red moped (w/ matching helmet) beside this bus. He's waving at everyone.


No one to marvel at (good or bad) on this bus. Going to be a boring ride home. Even Rip Van Winkle keeps things interesting.


woman in front of me is wearing a coat made out of the strangest fabric. Suppressing the urge to touch it.

Fog of funk

Gotta be a pretty heavy smoker to stink up a whole bus merely by walking onto it. 

Rip van winkle

Old guy sleeping next to me on the ride home #bustales I am having a flashback. I've sat next to #ripvanwinkle before.

I KNEW it!!  Back in March 2012  I sat next to this guy and he was sleeping back then too!

Wake up earlier!!

Why am I always sitting next to the chic who does her makeup on the bus. I will never understand this.


Just when I thought this bus ride was uninteresting, guy pulls out (and starts to eat) a bucket of chicken. So classy.


Can we the bus riding public collectively agree to pop a mint before riding the bus? #dragonbreath #bustales #iwillsharemygum

Keeps on giving

Apparently Haliotosis Hank has a twin...Bad Breath Brian.... #bustales


Very thankful for my scarf today. Haliotosis Hank is potent. #gross #wantamint?


Gah! Would gladly take lovey dovey couple over Haliotosis Hank who just sat down. 

Stop it

Lovey dovey couple in front of me is making me want to kick their seat. Sucking face on a bus? Must be the height of romance. Stop it.

Personal growth

Walked away from an amazing shoe sale to catch a bus. Personal growth or insanity, I can't decide. #bustales

Some days

Some days you run for the bus. Other days you say screw it and go shoe shopping till the next one arrives

Fashion week

Weird that it's not weird

No strange people, no odd smells, perfect temperature. This bus ride is way too normal. Freaking me out. #bustales

Hot Mess

Woman next to me smells like cigarettes & soup. She also doing a crossword. Total Package.

She also just threw in a hacky smokers cough to put her over the top.

Air pollution

It would make me very happy if the guy beside me would stop farting every 5 seconds.

He must be able to smell how bad it is. Wouldn't that embarrass you enough to stop????


Tired today. Crazy, fall asleep on the bus next to total stranger tired. 


Snagged a window seat for the drive in. Monday morning bus score! Never happens! 

Captain Aftershave

Sitting next to the spokesman for Axe body spray on the drive in. #cantbreathe #bustales

Fish tales

This bus driver is crazy. There is now way we are making it home without getting in an accident. How do you fishtail a bus??? #bustales 

Village People

There is a guy with a hard hat on my bus. Feel like #YMCA will start in any minute. #bustales


Woman beside me is furiously jotting notes. Feel like I am being graded on my commuting skills.


Woman on the phone beside me TOTALLY lied. Said she was still at work and couldn't make plans tonight because she'll be at work for a long time. Liar liar pants on fire. :)

Criminal vibe

This guys gloves kind of give off a creepy vibe. 


Snowstorm imminent & my bus is on time. Yup hell's frozen over already.

Back the fuck up

This woman has no sense of personal space. That is her blue bag in the pic, mine is black.

Performance art

There is a guy standing on this bus with his eyes closed. Kinda looks like a Crap version of performance art.


I am usually not a fan of cologne on men but the guy beside me smells amazing. Trying to sniff inconspicuously .

Stand by

For my entertainment $ there is nothing greater than a bus driver slamming the brakes & everyone falling down. Always funny.