Construction on road with orange safety cones down the middle of the road.

Bus tries to navigate around then, but due to limited space, he kept hitting them.

Driver was inadvertently providing colour commentary. The first couple went like this;
1. Whoops
2. Come on!
3. Ugh
At which point a construction worker knocked on the door as we came to a stop...

Our driver just said "Sorry bud. Can't guarantee it won't happen again"

Monday night win!

More of a guideline than a rule...

I got to leave work at a reasonable time and actually had a shot at attending my sons hockey tryouts.

Standing at the bus with 10 min until my bus comes.... Or doesn't.

So that bus didn't show up.

Sigh, whatever will catch the next one.... Or not.

That one didn't show up either.

I would venture to say that evening bus schedules are completely random and totally made up.

Then cherry on top was when the bus finally arrived the driver blew past the bus stop with the crowd of us waiting. It's a big major stop, so it's not like you could justify him missing it.

We all had to sprint and bang on the side of the bus to get him to stop and let us on. Ordinarily bus drivers only do that if the bus is full, but it was empty.

So now I am happily on the bus right... Or not.

SCREAMING baby boards the bus.

I feel ya kiddo.

Hair clip

Hot pink hair clips are hypnotic.

Oh Snap Update!!

*update*- second elderly woman sitting next to the first leans over and says " I think you made the right choice dear".

I'm dying.

Oh Snap!

Drama! Elderly gentleman sitting on bus. Elderly woman sits down next to him and they start chatting. He asks her out for coffee, she turns him down. He then storms off (in black socks and wicker shoes no less) saying, "you're missing out!".

My daily soap opera.