Can you have a laugh doppelgänger?

Guy on this bus has the exact same laugh as my Uncle. I've looked over at him a half dozen times just to check it isn't him #bustales #odd

Take a punch

2 teen boys in front of me. One farted, other laughed. Farter said "don't worry these seats can take a punch" #bustales #didnotjusthappen


This girls hair matches her bag! Cute! 

Days of the week underwear

Apparently this girl did not get the memo that Lululemon pants are see through. Nice days of the week underwear though #bustales


Bus is packed and the guy beside me just picked his nose. Just a brilliant ride home. 

Fashion murder

Bus patrons are killing it fashion wise. This lady has amazing heels on. No way to get a pic without completely freaking her out #bustales


I love this woman's hair. Nice highlights!!!


Child in front of me is screaming "I want more makeup!!!" while her mother looks mortified. Walking talking birth control people #bustales

Red moped

I want to be in as good of a mood as the guy on the red moped (w/ matching helmet) beside this bus. He's waving at everyone.


No one to marvel at (good or bad) on this bus. Going to be a boring ride home. Even Rip Van Winkle keeps things interesting.


woman in front of me is wearing a coat made out of the strangest fabric. Suppressing the urge to touch it.

Fog of funk

Gotta be a pretty heavy smoker to stink up a whole bus merely by walking onto it. 

Rip van winkle

Old guy sleeping next to me on the ride home #bustales I am having a flashback. I've sat next to #ripvanwinkle before.

I KNEW it!!  Back in March 2012  I sat next to this guy and he was sleeping back then too!

Wake up earlier!!

Why am I always sitting next to the chic who does her makeup on the bus. I will never understand this.


Just when I thought this bus ride was uninteresting, guy pulls out (and starts to eat) a bucket of chicken. So classy.


Can we the bus riding public collectively agree to pop a mint before riding the bus? #dragonbreath #bustales #iwillsharemygum

Keeps on giving

Apparently Haliotosis Hank has a twin...Bad Breath Brian.... #bustales


Very thankful for my scarf today. Haliotosis Hank is potent. #gross #wantamint?


Gah! Would gladly take lovey dovey couple over Haliotosis Hank who just sat down. 

Stop it

Lovey dovey couple in front of me is making me want to kick their seat. Sucking face on a bus? Must be the height of romance. Stop it.