New bus

After the 4th stall, we coasted into the bus depot for a new bus.

20 ft

Made it 20 ft and it stalled again. Fuck.


This is my lovely morning view as I am stuck in a stalled bus on a bridge. Awesome.

Woodsy citrus notes

Am currently trapped in a cologne cloud care of the guy beside me. Notes of woods and citrus aside, my eyes are watering. 


Toddler behind me got a handful of my hair and yanked. His Mum's response? "Isn't he precocious?". Uh... #howboutno #bustales

Oh my

Oh my. Excuse me, sir? Yes you.. The elderly gentleman who likes to stand naked by the patio doors on the 2nd floor to his balcony at 7:45 every morning. Hi! Yeah. We can see you. Please dress accordingly.

Long pull

Thank you random bus stranger. By taking a long pull from that mickey of vodka at 8am you made me feel better about my morning coffee addiction. 

Just great

Read a book on the bus, got nauseous. Rested head on glass window and driver promptly drove over a bump. Now dealing with mild concussion from smacking my head on the glass. Monday... You are kicking ass. 

Migraine much?

Attn bus marketing peeps. Having these stickers on windows gives bus riders migraines. Stop.

Drama over

Drama is over. She moved farther back and out of whispered angry comment range. Dude with red mitts still chilling.

Passive Aggressive

Passive aggressive fight! She's pissed he bulldozed past her, he just wanted to move back, cue drama.

She keeps saying under her breath, real gentlemen don't push woman. 

He keeps saying, "well if somebody didn't move back no one could get one the bus!" Followed by a whispered "are you fucking kidding me?"

Their backs are turned against each other, but they keep talking as if they were facing each other. 

Third party with red mitts is trying to break it up.  

I need popcorn or something.