See thru

It would be exceedingly helpful if windows on buses/shelters were at least somewhat see thru. How do I tell where my stop is??

Tactile temptation

The woman in front of me has the most spectacular hat including a big brooch at the side. It looks spiky and yet velvety at the same time.

Fighting the urge to pet her hat.


Awesome. Bus is stuck in a snow drift. Hello Tuesday. #bustales

Solo ride

Half way downtown and still no one on the bus today. It's like being chauffeured in a really weird limo.

Faux fur

It's Winter. Cue the faux fur trim parade.

Is there a doctor on the bus?

The guy must have hurt his foot. He's on the bus with his sock and shoe off (it's not exactly sandal weather) and is asking people around him for opinions on his busted appendage.

"Does that look fucked up to you?" As he points to his swollen ankle.

He's the guy hunched over looking at his foot in the pic.

It takes a village.


I'm in complete denial winter is coming. Standing at the bus stop this am I repeated my mantra. "I'm not that cold...I'm not that cold..."


Being the last person on a bus kind of feels like you're being dropped off by a lazy boyfriend who won't take you right to your door.

Route schmoute

Route showing on front of bus and side of bus were different, so I asked driver which route he was driving. What I got was a full "don't you think I know what I'm doing?" from the driver. Simmer down dude...I was just asking!


Watching someone - who doesn't realize they are on an express bus -lose their shit never gets old.

Fun house

Walking to your seat on a moving "bendy" bus* is like trying to navigate through a fun house.

*bendy buses are super long buses that are essentially two buses attached together with this swivel accordion type thing between them.


What would one call this hairstyle?

Rustic wind

Very windy morning standing next to a metal bus stop post. Couldn't figure out where the flute sounds were coming from....holes in metal post plus wind equals a rustic transit flute.

High pitch giggles

Woman is shamelessly flirting with bus driver. He's flirting back. I'm trying to suppress the urge to eye roll. #bustales #HighPitchGiggles


It's an autumn auburn bus ride home

Attack eyebrows

Man next to me has attack eyebrows. You could take off bottle tops with those things. #bustales

Orange is the new black

Dude is rocking a fair bit of Orange on the ride in:
Orange Chucks
Orange messenger bag
Orange plaid shirt
Orange headphones
Orange cell phone case

Saw this guy again wearing the exact same outfit.

So either he's pulling a Fred Flintstone and has an entire closet of clothes that look the same or he's just really into these styling duds and wears the same ones everyday as a uniform.

GPS much?

Bus driver is completely lost. 3 wrong turns in suburbia and you are pretty much hosed. People are kinda freaking out.

No hands

Woman brought dry cereal as a snack & tucked the container in her scarf. She is using her tongue to eat. #feedbag #bustales #nohands

Octogenarian fashion

The Octogenarian crowd is killing it bus fashion wise . Check out this hot pink leather number! 

Work it sister!

Scent app

Woman next to me on this bus has the most amazing perfume. Obviously can't ask her as that would be creepy. Wish there was a scent app that could identify it. Although using a scent app on a bus might identify things I really don't want to know.  

Flying V

Octogenarian on this bus has THE most impressive hand penciled eyebrows. They are like geese flying in formation above each eye.

Fish Bait

This bus smells like cheese scented fish bait. Unsettling. However, it is just as unsettling that I know what that smells like. #bustales


There is a SCREECHING angry toddler on this bus making the chances of my getting home without a headache slim and none. #bustales


Vacation is over: Con. Moving to the new house and my bus stop is earlier on the route meaning I will now get a window seat: Major Pro. 

Walk off

There are so many good looking people on this bus they should use the aisle for a walk off. #bluesteel #bustales 


This kid is on his phone. He is walking up and down the aisles (even though there are lots of seats).

He's chatting away and is completely comfortable as if he was in his own living room.

Very strange.


I have now seen 4 popped collars on one city block. That's a bit excessive. 

Subtle difference in tones

Guy on this bus has one of those bomber horns... Braaaaaahp. Took me a split second to realize it was a horn sound and that he's not just the most aggressive farter of all time. 


Sitting on a hot sweaty bus and open the window for a mere whisper of a breeze only to get a face full of car exhaust. Oh! Perfection. 

Step up to the mic

The driver that we have had on our route the past two weeks really likes the mic.

Last week he was hosting a trivia Q&A.  This week he is imploring us to emphatically greet him in the morning with a high five or fist bump.

I have to admire this guy's approach. A little unorthodox perhaps, but hey, if you can make me smile on a morning commute, good on you.

In true bustales fashion, I recorded this mornings exchange.



Guy in front of me on this bus sounds exactly like David Attenborough. Keep expecting him to go into an ecological monologue, "Deep in the Serengeti..."

Loud speaker trivia

Bus driver is doing trivia over the speakers. Kudos for making the Friday drive a little more cheerful.

50 shades of grey


On a bendy bus this morning. Feels like the driver is about a half block away.

Standing room only

Nothing like standing for 45 minutes because the bus is packed when it gets to your stop. Ugh.


There is a girl on this bus who totally reminds me of Leanne from Orange is the new black

Good vibrations v02

Currently this bus is vibrating. As in the seats are shaking a bit. Lady just sat down beside me and said "Woo! That's not entirely unpleasant...if you know what I mean"

Oh gawd.

Summer skin

Summer skin show has begun. Just saw my first pair of Jorts on a wonderfully hairy man. Hot pants you're on deck.


To the bus driver who stopped a 1/2 block back from the bus stop only to fly past the 6 of us waiting at the actual stop...and then wouldn't open the doors when we ran and caught up to you... Yeah. You suck. 


There is a disproportionate amount of people sleeping on this bus. Gees, wonder what happened last night. #bustales #missedaparty

Slim or none

What are the chances that this won't affect my ride home. Slim or none?

What's next?

Yesterday the bus smelled like weed, today? Perm solution. Madness. 


As far as I can tell horse mask wearing accordion player only shows up when it's raining. 


Standing in the rain listening to accordion music is more relaxing than you think it would be (weird horse mask aside)

Horse playing accordion

Guy in a horse mask playing accordion. Average bus stop.

Horton Hare

The Horton Hare in action, he's actually half jogging in this pic.

Horton Hare

I'm next to the Horton Hare. Every day this guy gets off at my stop and races me to Tim's.  We never talk so it's super awkward.

Blue blockers

Woman beside me just whipped out a pair of badass blue blocker sunglasses. These things are huge. Right over top of regular glasses. Switching glasses is for suckers. 

New bus

After the 4th stall, we coasted into the bus depot for a new bus.

20 ft

Made it 20 ft and it stalled again. Fuck.


This is my lovely morning view as I am stuck in a stalled bus on a bridge. Awesome.

Woodsy citrus notes

Am currently trapped in a cologne cloud care of the guy beside me. Notes of woods and citrus aside, my eyes are watering. 


Toddler behind me got a handful of my hair and yanked. His Mum's response? "Isn't he precocious?". Uh... #howboutno #bustales

Oh my

Oh my. Excuse me, sir? Yes you.. The elderly gentleman who likes to stand naked by the patio doors on the 2nd floor to his balcony at 7:45 every morning. Hi! Yeah. We can see you. Please dress accordingly.

Long pull

Thank you random bus stranger. By taking a long pull from that mickey of vodka at 8am you made me feel better about my morning coffee addiction. 

Just great

Read a book on the bus, got nauseous. Rested head on glass window and driver promptly drove over a bump. Now dealing with mild concussion from smacking my head on the glass. Monday... You are kicking ass. 

Migraine much?

Attn bus marketing peeps. Having these stickers on windows gives bus riders migraines. Stop.

Drama over

Drama is over. She moved farther back and out of whispered angry comment range. Dude with red mitts still chilling.

Passive Aggressive

Passive aggressive fight! She's pissed he bulldozed past her, he just wanted to move back, cue drama.

She keeps saying under her breath, real gentlemen don't push woman. 

He keeps saying, "well if somebody didn't move back no one could get one the bus!" Followed by a whispered "are you fucking kidding me?"

Their backs are turned against each other, but they keep talking as if they were facing each other. 

Third party with red mitts is trying to break it up.  

I need popcorn or something. 


Lady at this bus stop is offering everyone candy. Getting a major Hansel and Gretel vibe. 


Guy on this bus is carrying a six pack of beer. 10 min later I hear, "f*ck it" followed by "pshh!". I applaud you sir. I don't even know the back story, but I'm a fan. 

Veggie perfume

Woman beside me smells like celery. Not unpleasant just odd. #bustales