Once a mom....

When the bus slammed on its brakes today and we all went flying forward, a woman in her early sixties instinctively put her arm out in front of me so I wouldn't fall. Afterwords she looked really embarrassed but then said, "once a mom, always a mom". 😊


Guy in front of me is carrying his lunch; a ziploc bag full of spaghetti and meat sauce. I sincerely hope he doubled bagged it.


Who uses speaker phone on public transit? Apparently dude beside me needs to pick up milk on the way home.

Cock a doodle doo

Taking a minute to appreciate this apartment block with Roosters on pedestal marking the grand entrance.

Back Bench

Not very much room on the back bus bench. Dude squeezed his way in and now I'm sitting side saddle smushed up against the window. awesome.

Tiger Beat

Ah back to school bus rides. Girls beside me are giddily flirting with the boy in front of me who keeps turning around and winking when they tap him on the shoulder. Getting an awkward front row seat for this tiger beat extravaganza.


Wildly uncomfortable ride into work. Forced to ride side saddle squished up against the window by some dude who wouldn't move. Follows by an attempt to elegantly walk into work with my right leg completely numb.


Woman was running for the bus, got there just as the driver was pulling away. Rather than give up, She smacked the side of the bus a few times to get his attention and when she got on looked him right in the eyes and said "seriously?!" This chick is my hero.

Two seaters

If there are open two-seaters and you choose to sit next to someone, just know that we all quietly think you're a psychopath.

Killed it

I see the whole spectrum of fashion on my daily commute but every now and again someone knocks it out of the park! This gorgeous lady is a rockabilly vision! Love it!


Currently trapped in a noxious cloud of Drakkar Noir with no open windows in reach. Gadzooks!

Raised by Wolves

Who are these people that just randomly shed their shit everywhere? Were you raised by wolves?


This bus smells like cheese. 100%.


Kid keeps staring at me while he defiantly picks his nose and the driver just stopped for a pee. Perfection.


Older lady gets on bus today in heels/skirt saying hello to all. Good Morning to you as well you delicious sunny little sauce pot. #bustales

Personal bubble

Season of sleeveless tees & packed transit is upon us. Personal space buffer when sharing seats just took a major hit #bustales #shudder

Traffic whoops

Ok. Bus driver turned on to one of the busiest streets by accident ... at rush hour. This is going to be ugly.


Good grief, first yesterday's wrong turn and then today driver was in wrong lane and couldn't make the necessary turn so we had to go a block up and circle back. #59 keeping it interesting.

Practice safe riding

Empty box of condoms on floor of bus this morning. Practising safe transit riding I suppose.


Ok. Bus driver was supposed to go down St. Anne's. Instead he turned on to Tache... at rush hour. This is going to be ugly.

Pinpoint my location

Based on the the current temperature inside this bus (aided by the fact the windows don't open), I can only surmise that we are 3/4 of a mile from the surface of the sun.

Ok Coral

There are two guys at this bus stop getting into a well mannered debate. They both have cell phones in holsters on their hips. Things are about to go OK Coral, 2016 style.


Whoever designed a bus where the windows don't open has obviously never actually been on a bus. To learn their lesson they should be made to ride on a hot, sweaty bus packed full of people with intestinal issues.


This bus is going up the slightest of inclines and based on the sounds it's making I'm not convinced we are going to be able to get it done with this equipment.

Face palm

Overheard two tweens on the bus. "School is over rated, Bill Gates dropped out of school and he did fine!!" Yes. He did. However, missing from your argument is the fact he dropped out of Harvard you twit.


Young kid beside me was falling asleep balancing his chin on his hand. A sleepy head bob combined with a pot hole let to an unfortunate smacking of his forehead and the seat in front of him. Whoops.


Morning commute consisted of getting SCREAMED at by the guy next to me for not agreeing to buy him at case of beer. Also, after asking me the time, yelling at me for changing the am/pm on his watch. Gotta keep it interesting I guess.



Favourite part of today's commute was watching a guy try to hail a bus while standing at a bus stop. Rookie move.



This morning some high school rock star gets on the bus and yells out, "this bus smells like a butthole". Prize winning imagery.


Couple on my bus today could not have shown more togetherness if they were sewn together. Spent the ride guessing how many days they had been dating.


I officially missed the last bus and still have to pee like Seabiscuit. Perfect.

Good decision?

Not timing my departure well, I was faced with the choice of either catching the last bus or allowing my bladder to reach yet unknown proportions. Bus won. Ladylike crossing of legs just became absolutely necessary.


Driver is hitting road bumps like they're moguls. Catching some air on my morning commute.



Woman beside me is humming/singing along with her headphones on. It's a potent combination of funny and wildly irritating. #bustales


Menopausal commute

Bus driver has overcompensated for cool temps this morning. Yet another mobile hot flash. @winnipegtransit #bustales #melting


Iron Sheik

I am sitting behind the hippest of hipsters. This guy has a moustache of Iron Sheik proportions. For the record... I was riding the bus before it was cool. Just saying.


Just a normal empty bus bench right? That is until you allow your mind to think about why that one chair cushion had to replaced before the others.

Pretty please

Dear fellow bus rider. Intestinal woes plague us all from time to time, but in consideration of our enclosed space, could you (pretty please with sugar on top) lay off the machine gun farts?



The woman in the seat in front of me has perfected the simultaneous laughing/crying combo. This craffing episode shows no signs of slowing down.



Cold wind=double Russian hat day.


Ice dreads

Woman just got on the bus with wet hair. It's -24C.


There is a great big burly hunk of a man in front of me eating Cheerios from a small Tupperware bowl like a boss.

Safety first

Driver has fish tailed 2x, missed a turn and has hit the curb twice. Genuinely concerned this am #bustales