Captain Aftershave

Sitting next to the spokesman for Axe body spray on the drive in. #cantbreathe #bustales

Fish tales

This bus driver is crazy. There is now way we are making it home without getting in an accident. How do you fishtail a bus??? #bustales 

Village People

There is a guy with a hard hat on my bus. Feel like #YMCA will start in any minute. #bustales


Woman beside me is furiously jotting notes. Feel like I am being graded on my commuting skills.


Woman on the phone beside me TOTALLY lied. Said she was still at work and couldn't make plans tonight because she'll be at work for a long time. Liar liar pants on fire. :)

Criminal vibe

This guys gloves kind of give off a creepy vibe. 


Snowstorm imminent & my bus is on time. Yup hell's frozen over already.

Back the fuck up

This woman has no sense of personal space. That is her blue bag in the pic, mine is black.

Performance art

There is a guy standing on this bus with his eyes closed. Kinda looks like a Crap version of performance art.


I am usually not a fan of cologne on men but the guy beside me smells amazing. Trying to sniff inconspicuously .

Stand by

For my entertainment $ there is nothing greater than a bus driver slamming the brakes & everyone falling down. Always funny.