Got off the bus only to have to get right back on because I didn't know the same bus changed routes. A tad embarrassing.


Big puddle on bus floor. Please be water.

Perfect mum

You know those parents who act so perfect when everyone is watching and despite the act, you know damn well they lose their shit from time to time just like the rest of us.

Yeah. She's on this bus.

"Perfect Mom" on this bus is trying to take a picture of her son and instructed him to "smile with his eyes".  Who says stuff like that?

No trust

Apparently society cannot be trusted to leave fresh cement alone.
We need to hire handlers.

That's new

A guy on this bus just decided he needed to sit and parked it right in the middle I the aisle. That's new.

No initials

New cement poured at this bus stop. There was a guy in a patrol best just standing guard. I guess there won't be any initials in the cement in his watch!

Stand up

Kid on bus is still pitching a fit. Fighting the urge to get up and say "I have a headache!! This shit ends now!" 


I have a massive headache and a kid on this bus just decided to have a huge tantrum providing a visual representation of the pain in my head


Guy just banged on the window outside my bus and I screamed. Awesome, now I'm the bus freak today. 

Pocket watch?

Old guy beside keeps rooting around in his pockets. Rather unsettling.