Bright idea

Lights on this bus are way too bright. I need to ease into this waking up thing. #sympathyplease #bustales

Brilliance at bus stops

At bus stop and person says "bus hasn't come yet?" Um, no it hasn't. #bustales #iwouldntbehereifithad


Bus driver has stopped bus at #7/11 for coffee. Want to grab one for me too? It's not like I have to be anywhere today. #grumble #bustales

Every day

Not impressed

No one on this bus is impressed. First snowfall has annoyed everyone. #bustales #heatcranked slipperyashell


What happens when your seat mate accidentally sits on your lunch bag.


What is this plexiglass shield for? Sneeze guard? Protection (aka the bubble that encases taxi drivers) or simply a canvas for hooligans to scratch their name in? In other related news I realized I just used the word "hooligan" and can now apply for my seniors discount card. #ugh #bustales

Cloud of shame

Got onto bus & was annoyed to see someone in my "spot"; realized how weird it is to say that and sat down in a cloud of shame.#bustales


This dude is sleeping- no judgement there. But what is more concerning is the barrage of involuntary farts that he is making. Thursday morning commute for the win.

Bang on

Universal bus pose for "leave me the hell alone"


Construction on road with orange safety cones down the middle of the road.

Bus tries to navigate around then, but due to limited space, he kept hitting them.

Driver was inadvertently providing colour commentary. The first couple went like this;
1. Whoops
2. Come on!
3. Ugh
At which point a construction worker knocked on the door as we came to a stop...

Our driver just said "Sorry bud. Can't guarantee it won't happen again"

Monday night win!

More of a guideline than a rule...

I got to leave work at a reasonable time and actually had a shot at attending my sons hockey tryouts.

Standing at the bus with 10 min until my bus comes.... Or doesn't.

So that bus didn't show up.

Sigh, whatever will catch the next one.... Or not.

That one didn't show up either.

I would venture to say that evening bus schedules are completely random and totally made up.

Then cherry on top was when the bus finally arrived the driver blew past the bus stop with the crowd of us waiting. It's a big major stop, so it's not like you could justify him missing it.

We all had to sprint and bang on the side of the bus to get him to stop and let us on. Ordinarily bus drivers only do that if the bus is full, but it was empty.

So now I am happily on the bus right... Or not.

SCREAMING baby boards the bus.

I feel ya kiddo.

Hair clip

Hot pink hair clips are hypnotic.

Oh Snap Update!!

*update*- second elderly woman sitting next to the first leans over and says " I think you made the right choice dear".

I'm dying.

Oh Snap!

Drama! Elderly gentleman sitting on bus. Elderly woman sits down next to him and they start chatting. He asks her out for coffee, she turns him down. He then storms off (in black socks and wicker shoes no less) saying, "you're missing out!".

My daily soap opera.

Virtual bus Ride

Coffee blot

Running for the bus and the lid comes off my coffee leaving behind a latte inspired Rorschach blot on my shirt. #Awesome #bustales

Invisible divide

Carrying 3 bags to work and trying to keep everything on my side of the seat. #thestruggleisreal #bustales

100% steam room

Well I will take solace in the fact that everyone's hair looks like a dogs breakfast this morning. #notalone #humidasheck

Fear and Loathing

Waggle dance

Love it when a bee flies up my skirt while standing at the bus and then dancing around like a deranged lunatic trying to get it out...All the while standing next to people who did not see the bee, but became acquainted with the deranged lunatic.

Sunny with a chance of sweating

It's stupid early and hot as balls on this bus. Add in the humidity and there is a 100% chance I'll look like Dee Snider by lunch.

Special service

Everyday this woman gets dropped off at her house. Bus stop is half a block up. Some ladies have all the luck.

Ad placement

Odd Ad placement. Every time someone open the window, the woman on the right appears to be decapitated.

Never when you need it

It is currently 10C outside which in no way justifies AC being jacked to make it 2C.

Guaranteed when it's +30C, this AC bus will be no where in sight.

Cereal or shavings

Woman just got on the bus with two huge bags of what appears to either be cornflakes or hamster shavings.

She's too far away to make a proper assessment. Regardless where would you buy those kind of quantities of either cereal or shavings downtown?

Don't breathe

What a charming mix of BO and onions said no one ever. Genuinely concerned that this funky smell will attach to me. It's a very real danger.


Someone running for the bus tripped and did a face plant on sidewalk. Ashamed to admit I laughed... Hard #bustales


Greenhouse bus this am. Morning humidity gotta love it. #sarcasmsign #bustales


Nothing sexier than a man who wears his bus pass on a lanyard around his neck.


Douchey Driver

Attention dear bus driver,
When there are people standing at a bus stop its general practice for you to stop and pick them up rather than to blow past like we don't exist.

Waiting for my weekend to start you douche


Sitting on bus. Went to blow a bubble, but gum slipped and I ended up spitting my gum into the hair of the woman in front of me. I don't think she accepts my apology.


I find it so amusing when people walking beside the bus are making better those on the bus.

I do not find this amusing.


Seat in front Of me has a different fabric on the seat than on the back.

Why? Oh god..WHY? Scratch that, I don't want to know.

Sex Criminals

Dude on this bus is reading a book entitled "sex criminals". Not sure if it's more disturbing that a) it's a graphic novel aka comic b) he's soundlessly mouthing the words as he reads them or c) this is all going down on public transit.

Here is the description:
Named one of Time Magazine''s top 10 graphic novels for 2013! Suzie''s just a regular gal with an irregular gift: when she has sex, she stops time. One day she meets Jon and it turns out he has the same ability. And sooner or later they get around to using their gifts to do what we''d ALL do: rob a couple banks. A bawdy and brazen sex comedy for comics begins here, by Matt Fraction (Satellite Sam, Hawkeye) and Chip Zdarsky (Prison Funnies, Monster Cops). "On the surface, this is a hilarious story of two people, Suzanne and Jon, with the power to stop time after they orgasm, and then rob banks while (almost) everyone else is frozen in time, which is an amazingly original idea. But underneath that, this is a story of the beginning of a relationship: its exciting newness, its terrifying possibilities, its ups and downs, its secrets and understandings, and, of course, its sex."


Guy just leaned behind the seat and blew his nose. No tissue, just held 1 nostril closed and blew. That did NOT just happen #bustales #gross


Everytime I cough the woman in front of me turns around and give me the stink eye. 

Yes, I realize it's less than awesome that I am on public transit with a cold. It's even more unfortunate that you decided to sit in front of me. You have my humble apologies. 

That being said, give me one more stink eye and I am liable to climb over the seat and lick your face mmmm kay?

Trailer Park Boys

Jim Lahey is on my bus.

Pepe le Pew

This bus smells like skunk. I can only hope it won't permeate my clothes. Ugh.


There is a guy picking his nose on this bus. Not subtlety either; full on mining action. The worst is he consumes his findings.

He's now moved on to digging in his ear. I may just throw up.


Currently sitting in a cloud of cardamom. Today was definitely not a "spritz and walk" situation for the woman in front of me.

Sock Fashion

Guy in front of me has socks on his head. I think it's part of an actual hat (purchased in a store), but it still makes you do a double take.


Am currently on a "training" bus. So far the driver has missed a turn, taken a scenic way around and fishtailed after making a turn onto a busy street.

It's kind of terrifying.

Tea cozy outerwear

Bed Head

The guy in front of me has quite the hairstyle. Currently debating if it's actually bedhead or meticulously coifed to look like it.


This bus genuinely smells like apple cider vinegar. Really don't want to allow myself to think about why.

Not a flight

There is a guy on my bus who every morning takes his jacket, boots, outerwear off once he's on the bus.

He nicely folds it and stows it under his seat.

It's -30C weather right now AND this is a bus, not a plane. You do not have to safely stow your belongings in the overhead compartments.

He's the gentleman in the beige dress shirt on the left.

Orange you glad it wasn't a banana

I was not aware that it was possible to eat an orange obnoxiously. Thank you random bus stranger for ensuring that learning never stops.