Being the last person on a bus kind of feels like you're being dropped off by a lazy boyfriend who won't take you right to your door.

Route schmoute

Route showing on front of bus and side of bus were different, so I asked driver which route he was driving. What I got was a full "don't you think I know what I'm doing?" from the driver. Simmer down dude...I was just asking!


Watching someone - who doesn't realize they are on an express bus -lose their shit never gets old.

Fun house

Walking to your seat on a moving "bendy" bus* is like trying to navigate through a fun house.

*bendy buses are super long buses that are essentially two buses attached together with this swivel accordion type thing between them.


What would one call this hairstyle?

Rustic wind

Very windy morning standing next to a metal bus stop post. Couldn't figure out where the flute sounds were coming from....holes in metal post plus wind equals a rustic transit flute.

High pitch giggles

Woman is shamelessly flirting with bus driver. He's flirting back. I'm trying to suppress the urge to eye roll. #bustales #HighPitchGiggles