Elbows out

Guy beside me is asleep and starting to lean on me. #getoffgetoffgetoff #elbowsout #bustales 

You're getting wet right???

It's pouring & this lady has elected to stand in the rain. Bus shelter beside her is empty. Wtf

Good vibrations

This bus ride feels like what I would imagine those old school vibration machines to feel.

Boom. Friday

Guy in a Mexican poncho, wearing a cowboy hat, black shoes, white socks playing a ukulele. Boom. Friday.

Nothing to see here

The fighting bus broads are now gone. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Bus broads

Two women are fighting on this bus. One has a bag on the seat and refuses to move it. Game on. Wish I had popcorn.

A True Douchbag

I can't want for someone to tell this douchebag to move his shit so that people can sit down!


Chatty Cathy

Gah!! Sitting next to a #chattycathy this morning. Morning bus rides are for zoning out people. #bustales #oddstranger