Thought she was doing her makeup & was horrified when she started eating it. Turns out it was pudding. Noted. 


Aboard the big rolling turd. Rather sedate ride home. Maybe it's the referee keeping everyone in line. 

Kudos for creativity

No lid

There is something creepy about people who bring regular (non travel) mugs full of coffee on a moving bus. It just seems so cocky that they are confident they won't spill. What is there was no seat a d you had to stand? Really? 


The only way I am going to catch a breeze is if the big rolling turd gets above 60km. #needair #bustales 


Stinking hot on this bus. Nothing to do but sit here and sweat...while trying to avoid eye contact with the dude in the tank top #bustales 


Wish my phone had a thermometer so I could document the ridiculous temperature that this bus is.