Mythical pizza

overheard kids on the bus say, "did you know McDonald's sold pizza in the 80s?.... Crazy what they had back then!!" I feel old. 


Damn! Chose the bus seat next to the vent. Feels like I have a hair dryer pointed directly at my ear. Cue overheating in 3..2..1


A woman in a fur coat sat next to the guy in front of me. He looked at her coat and said "Nope!" & found a new seat. Too funny.

Crawling home

So freakishly slow. Took me as hour and a half to get to work. Moved 10ft in 20 minutes so far on the way home. Not looking good.


Aboard the big rolling turd, stuck in traffic w/ windows fogged. I have no idea where I am but its taking forever to get there.



Girl on bus is bitching about paying $900 to fix her car. After hearing her gripping commentary, I'm glad she's not on the road.