Bladder buster

Skipped going pee before leaving work in order to catch the bus and then bus was late.  Totally would have had time to pee. Now I have a bladder buster of a ride home. Damn!

How bout no ?

Bus is packed and some guy won't move his bag because he's saving a seat?? Uh... How 'bout no... #bustales

Veg out

If it wasn't for the abundance of unwelcome bodily fluids & airborne viruses the veg out on the bus ride home wouldn't be so bad . 


This is unacceptable! Move your bag and let someone sit down. #bustales #BusEttiquite


After seeing someone wet themselves on a bus tonight, I wonder how often WPG Transit washes the seats. *Shudder*

Fabric Safari

Woman is wearing an outfit with Camo, leopard, zebra and sparkles. It's like the fabric version of a glam African Safari. 

Hot Flash

Knew it was too good to be true. Driver is trying to mimic the tropical climate of Cuba. It's a big rolling hot flash over here. #bustales

Pinch me

A seat all to myself on a Friday morning commute? #PinchMe #Bustales

Muggle wear

Dumbledore is at my bus stop disguised as a muggle.