It's an autumn auburn bus ride home

Attack eyebrows

Man next to me has attack eyebrows. You could take off bottle tops with those things. #bustales

Orange is the new black

Dude is rocking a fair bit of Orange on the ride in:
Orange Chucks
Orange messenger bag
Orange plaid shirt
Orange headphones
Orange cell phone case

Saw this guy again wearing the exact same outfit.

So either he's pulling a Fred Flintstone and has an entire closet of clothes that look the same or he's just really into these styling duds and wears the same ones everyday as a uniform.

GPS much?

Bus driver is completely lost. 3 wrong turns in suburbia and you are pretty much hosed. People are kinda freaking out.

No hands

Woman brought dry cereal as a snack & tucked the container in her scarf. She is using her tongue to eat. #feedbag #bustales #nohands

Octogenarian fashion

The Octogenarian crowd is killing it bus fashion wise . Check out this hot pink leather number! 

Work it sister!

Scent app

Woman next to me on this bus has the most amazing perfume. Obviously can't ask her as that would be creepy. Wish there was a scent app that could identify it. Although using a scent app on a bus might identify things I really don't want to know.  

Flying V

Octogenarian on this bus has THE most impressive hand penciled eyebrows. They are like geese flying in formation above each eye.

Fish Bait

This bus smells like cheese scented fish bait. Unsettling. However, it is just as unsettling that I know what that smells like. #bustales