Brilliance at bus stops

At bus stop and person says "bus hasn't come yet?" Um, no it hasn't. #bustales #iwouldntbehereifithad


Bus driver has stopped bus at #7/11 for coffee. Want to grab one for me too? It's not like I have to be anywhere today. #grumble #bustales

Every day

Not impressed

No one on this bus is impressed. First snowfall has annoyed everyone. #bustales #heatcranked slipperyashell


What happens when your seat mate accidentally sits on your lunch bag.


What is this plexiglass shield for? Sneeze guard? Protection (aka the bubble that encases taxi drivers) or simply a canvas for hooligans to scratch their name in? In other related news I realized I just used the word "hooligan" and can now apply for my seniors discount card. #ugh #bustales

Cloud of shame

Got onto bus & was annoyed to see someone in my "spot"; realized how weird it is to say that and sat down in a cloud of shame.#bustales


This dude is sleeping- no judgement there. But what is more concerning is the barrage of involuntary farts that he is making. Thursday morning commute for the win.

Bang on

Universal bus pose for "leave me the hell alone"