Driver this am is a little brake happy. Girl beside me just high fived the seat in front of her with her face.
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Old school

Who hOo!
Got one of the old school buses which seem to have way more seating (although I could be wrong) and I got a seat to myself this am.

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Bus fashion

Summer bus fashion style is something else. I am by no means a prude, but if the lining to the pockets of your shorts is three inches longer than your ACTUAL shorts, perhaps you shouldn't bend over quite so much.
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Close quarters

Spent the entire bus ride pressed up against some random stranger. Then came that awkward moment when an empty dual seat becomes available. While every part of me wants to get up and get some space, I worry about offending the person I am sitting next to.

So today, I guess that same thought process was going through both our heads because despite their being empty seats all around us, we both stayed sandwiched together until it was my stop.
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The kid in front me has headphones so big they look eggo waffles strapped to his head.
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Are you trying to cook yourself?

When it is 35+ degrees out how can anyone smoke?? How??
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Super nice

Best bus driver ever!
We have construction on our street so the road is covered in that cement dust.
When the bus came to my stop he slowed up big time so I would not get a face full of the dust.
How nice was that?? I thanked him for it when I got on.
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Teen Advice...

Attention angst-ridden teen boy...

The girl across the aisle is looking at you because you are picking at the zits on your shoulder, not becuase "she wants a piece of this..."

Just saying.

Garbage can one off?

Despite what most people think about buses, they are surprisingly clean. Not in the fashion of I'd like to eat off the seats, but on the whole, they are relatively removed from visible garbage.

Except on today's ride home.  Garbage everywhere.  Newspapers, left over coke cans rattling up and down the aisles, to go containers on seats.... it was a mess.

Glad this is not the norm.

Raw Bread dough....

it's a very specific and odd smell, but my bus this morning smelled like raw bread dough.  That somewhat slightly sickening yeasty smell.


Transit vans?

Just read an article, but can't find the link to post it, that says Winnipeg is considering transit vans. 

Not sure how I feel about that.  It's one thing to be sitting on a 30 foot bus with a bunch of strangers.  It's something entirely different to be sitting next to someone in a van....

I don't know why, I can't explain it, but it just seems so much more intimate for lack of a better word.  Either that or it would feel very much like a school carpool.

Either way, I think it would be uncomfortable all round.

Respect your elders

Just saw an elderly woman swat a teenage boy with her umbrella when he attempted to get on the bus before her.
Total badass; Love it.
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remember what I said about how I like bus windows? I take it back; Currently 2 seats back from a window getting 2nd hand perfume blown in my face.
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Bus Drivers

These guys (and gals) have more tolerance than the rest of us.

I am currently watching a bus driver being pulled into a conversation completely unwillingly.

This woman will not shut up. Neither do I really, but at least I save my inane banter for loved ones.

The thing is the driver is trapped as there is no way to escape the conversation.

Can you imagine a full days of that???
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Is there a specific reason that the windows on buses don't open now.

Oh, technically they do, a futile little vent that does nothing.

For my transit dollar, I'd rather kick it old school on buses with thick foam, blue vinyl covered seats with windows that open rather than overheat in a seat covered in 80s print indoor/outdoor carpet with ass indentations.

Just saying.
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Stuck on the median

Well frick.

I did everything right:
Checked online bus schedule
Left with plenty of extra time

And what happened?

I get stuck standing at a stop light trapped by unrelenting downtown traffic that does not permit even the ballsiest of jaywalkers to get through ; watching my precious 59 Aldgate bus go sailing by with no hope of me catching it

... At least not given the 4 inch heels I decided to wear today.

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Sleeping on the bus... it happens a lot. I've done it myself.

Still, it's disconcerting when someone falls asleep next to you... it's human nature not to want to wake someone up.

I briefly considered standing on my seat and stepping over to the seat behind before I woke this girl up.

Green Choice

Riding the bus may be the Green Choice, bu having a stranger consistently fart next to you for 45 minutes is less than ideal.

Solid Soggy Start

It's raining and the roof on my bus is leaking on my head.

Solid start to the weekend.

Crucial Ratio

Crowded buses suck.

What is worse is that they make me very aware of the ass to face ratio.

If you have the aisle seat on a crowded bus, you are screwed.

If you have a tall person standing beside you, you will very quickly become aware of the ass to face ratio and pray to the gods that the person is not having intestional issues that day.


Holy Shit it's hot.

My knees are sweating. KNEES!

I feel like I am sitting about a quarter of a mile from the surface of the sun.



There is no AC on my bus, so I get to spend the next 45 minutes sweating in close proximity to random strangers.

If someone sits down next to me wearing a tanktop, I am in serious danger of skin to skin contact.

Novel Idea?

Think I am going to write a book; Assault on the Senses: 365 Days of Public Transit Exposure.


The guy next to me on the bus has the most horrid breath.  I am quite confident something must have crawled in there and died.

Would it be rude to plug my nose?


Attention Random Girl on the bus:

Headphones + Cellphone = 2- minutes of you inadvertently yelling at your fellow passengers.

Please hang up.

Groundhog Day

There is a fellow that takes the bus everyday. I never paid much attention before this week.

He wears the same outfit everyday.  Black Denver Hayes pants, no belt with a black polo shirt tucked in.  The outfit is completed with a black backpack. 

I envision his closet to be a -la Fred Flintstone, whereby when you open it up there is hanger upon hanger of that same car-upholstery patterned polo shirt and faded black pants.

Kiss a window?

Just saw a girl say goodbye to her beloved, get on the bus and then proceed to suck face with the glass with him on the other side. Total. Loss. For. Words.

Summer cologne

‎"Eau de summer" has a distinctly less appealing meaning when sitting on a non air conditioned bus.


dear girl sitting in front of me on the bus, yes, we can all tell how stoned you are, your attempted whispering doesn't do much to conceal it.


am standing downwind of a dapper gentleman who was clearly generous with the aftershave application. I guess men don't do the "spritz & walk" method that women do.


its odd taking the bus everyday, you notice when people miss the bus. You don't know anyone's name, but there is this bizarre camaraderie and you recognize eachother

I need a draft...

Its so hot - am deliberately standing weird so I get a breeze up my skirt

U turn?

crap- my bus just went the wrong way. Ever seen a bus make U turn???

AC? Please? Pretty Please?

Dear lord ( or any deity will do), please let my bus be air conditioned today

To go or not to go?

Sitting next to a guy on the bus who is using a knife and fork to eat his dinner. That's a big commitment to on the go eating

Humid much?

I would liken the humid weather in Winnipeg today to what it must feel like to be directly farted on by an elephant. Repeatedly.


Sir, I personally wouldn't smoke a cigar that large that enthusiastically.

Your outfit is working too hard

Just saw a women who is wearing more brooches than one outfit could possibly support.

Make my own fun

I have accepted the fact that my bus is never going to come and I just get to stand here watching people collect cigarette butts for entertainment.

The nose Knows...

Doesn't matter how often I ride the bus, I will never get used to the olfactory assault.

Nice Try...

The guy sitting next to me on the bus is wearing a Metallica shirt, but his ipod says Taylor Swift.

Ab Shirt?

Just saw a guy downtown with a shirt that had a cut out for his abs. WTF is this? Douchebag uniform?


It smells like methane and BO on this bus. Oh yeah, and the windows don't open. Wonder if I can hold my breath for 40 minutes?


Going home carrying a transformer toy and the damn thing keeps making robot noises. It won't shut up. I need an Autobot.

Bare Feet?

Disturbed to see someone on the bus with barefeet. Gross

Oh, by all means... suck more time...

They shut St. Annes down. Currently sitting on a bus moving at a glacial pace.

Yeah, You're gonna regret that later...

I am sitting next to someone whose headphones are so loud, I can tell what song they are listening too...

Popped Collar?

just because you pop your collar doesn't make you cool. One exception.. double popped collar- instant charisma.


Horrifying picture on bus window.....scared the hell out of me


What I learned today; never make eye contact while eating a banana.


While there is never a good time to get a nosebleed, getting one on the bus while sitting next to a fellow passenger with a blood phobia is less than ideal.

And so it begins...

It is going to take me a bit to compile all of the ramlbings I have done to date, but what the hell, we all need a project right?