Never when you need it

It is currently 10C outside which in no way justifies AC being jacked to make it 2C.

Guaranteed when it's +30C, this AC bus will be no where in sight.

Cereal or shavings

Woman just got on the bus with two huge bags of what appears to either be cornflakes or hamster shavings.

She's too far away to make a proper assessment. Regardless where would you buy those kind of quantities of either cereal or shavings downtown?

Don't breathe

What a charming mix of BO and onions said no one ever. Genuinely concerned that this funky smell will attach to me. It's a very real danger.


Someone running for the bus tripped and did a face plant on sidewalk. Ashamed to admit I laughed... Hard #bustales


Greenhouse bus this am. Morning humidity gotta love it. #sarcasmsign #bustales


Nothing sexier than a man who wears his bus pass on a lanyard around his neck.