This is my craptastic view this am. #claustrophobic much? #bustales 

Mad skills

Bus heated cranked along with this drivers made skills mean that vomiting is a real and ever present danger.


Running to catch a bus while carrying a work bag the size of Brazil counts a high impact cardio. I suggest a supportive bra.

Time suckage

Travelling around Winnipeg by bus during non peak hours is like taking a course in time suckage.

Banana clip

Nice to see that banana clips are alive and well on this bus. Makes me feel young. 


Person next to me had the quietest sneeze ever. I assume it was a sneeze or they just smelled their arm. 

Backpacks smacks

Just got smacked with a backpack on the bus. Didn't even get a sorry, just a shrug. 

Who doesn't apologize for shit like that? I apologize to a chair if I bump into it by accident.

Do not want. With a side of nope

Person next to me is humming the Macarena.  

B.e.a. Utiful

After a long day at work, having to be on a bus with a screaming toddler (who isn't mine) is just beautiful. 

Excuse me!

This is the politest bus I have ever been on: please, thank you, excuse me and your welcome are all running amok.

Sit still

Fidgety people on a bus freak me out. I always feel like they are up to something. Sit still dammit!


Woman on my bus screaming that the back door won't open. Someone yelled back "try pushing it you twit!"

Love it.

Weekend awaits

My bus driver has stopped for a pee. Honestly, my weekend awaits, can you not be the master of your bladder for 5 more blocks?

Magic worn off

The kid yelling "Weee!" has started to bawl, apparently the magic of riding the bus has worn off


A kid on this bus thinks it's a ride and keeps screaming "Weeeee!" Not as cute as you'd think 12 Weee's later