Bed Head

The guy in front of me has quite the hairstyle. Currently debating if it's actually bedhead or meticulously coifed to look like it.


This bus genuinely smells like apple cider vinegar. Really don't want to allow myself to think about why.

Not a flight

There is a guy on my bus who every morning takes his jacket, boots, outerwear off once he's on the bus.

He nicely folds it and stows it under his seat.

It's -30C weather right now AND this is a bus, not a plane. You do not have to safely stow your belongings in the overhead compartments.

He's the gentleman in the beige dress shirt on the left.

Orange you glad it wasn't a banana

I was not aware that it was possible to eat an orange obnoxiously. Thank you random bus stranger for ensuring that learning never stops.