Two seaters

If there are open two-seaters and you choose to sit next to someone, just know that we all quietly think you're a psychopath.

Killed it

I see the whole spectrum of fashion on my daily commute but every now and again someone knocks it out of the park! This gorgeous lady is a rockabilly vision! Love it!


Currently trapped in a noxious cloud of Drakkar Noir with no open windows in reach. Gadzooks!

Raised by Wolves

Who are these people that just randomly shed their shit everywhere? Were you raised by wolves?


This bus smells like cheese. 100%.


Kid keeps staring at me while he defiantly picks his nose and the driver just stopped for a pee. Perfection.


Older lady gets on bus today in heels/skirt saying hello to all. Good Morning to you as well you delicious sunny little sauce pot. #bustales

Personal bubble

Season of sleeveless tees & packed transit is upon us. Personal space buffer when sharing seats just took a major hit #bustales #shudder