Walk off

There are so many good looking people on this bus they should use the aisle for a walk off. #bluesteel #bustales 


This kid is on his phone. He is walking up and down the aisles (even though there are lots of seats).

He's chatting away and is completely comfortable as if he was in his own living room.

Very strange.


I have now seen 4 popped collars on one city block. That's a bit excessive. 

Subtle difference in tones

Guy on this bus has one of those bomber horns... Braaaaaahp. Took me a split second to realize it was a horn sound and that he's not just the most aggressive farter of all time. 


Sitting on a hot sweaty bus and open the window for a mere whisper of a breeze only to get a face full of car exhaust. Oh! Perfection. 

Step up to the mic

The driver that we have had on our route the past two weeks really likes the mic.

Last week he was hosting a trivia Q&A.  This week he is imploring us to emphatically greet him in the morning with a high five or fist bump.

I have to admire this guy's approach. A little unorthodox perhaps, but hey, if you can make me smile on a morning commute, good on you.

In true bustales fashion, I recorded this mornings exchange.



Guy in front of me on this bus sounds exactly like David Attenborough. Keep expecting him to go into an ecological monologue, "Deep in the Serengeti..."

Loud speaker trivia

Bus driver is doing trivia over the speakers. Kudos for making the Friday drive a little more cheerful.

50 shades of grey